The HQ for spirit led parent-preneurs committed to burning BRIGHT instead of OUT!

The Burn Bright Society

Welcome Big Dreamer!

In Club Brimworthy we are creating an otherworldly dream building experience (seriously, we talk about God, aliens, and how time isn't real 😍) and we want you to feel the support, confidence, fun, and warmth that comes from surrendering building your business alone to surrounding yourself with other visionaries like you who are actively transforming from dreamer, to dream believer, to dream doer without selling their souls to the hustle culture we are inundated these days. 


We want it for ourselves and we want it for you:

A spectacular world full of people who have opened their                                        minds & unleashed their unique gifts so they can live the length                                                             AND the WIDTH of their life as God intended. 

This clubhouse is a taste of that world, a multi-faceted connection and education experience that helps visionaries align their soul & their strategy & puts everyone in proximity to the truth that not only does your dream matter, but it was put on you for a reason and you have everything you need to bring it to life. 

"We breathe, we pulse, we regenerate. our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest. Thirty-seven seconds well used is a lifetime.”-Mr.Magorium

So what exactly is this place?

A community & education experience focused on both personal & business growth made specifically for visionary people who not only believe in the magnificence of God but that they are called do to something MARVELOUS that leads to wonder-full lives all around. 

Why do you use the Enneagram so much here?

You'd think with all of the information out there on how to thrive in life we'd all be problem-free billionaires right now, right? 

But what's missing, and I'm sure what led you here, is the soul and education catered to your unique point of view.

In Club Brimworthy, our purpose is to connect you to resources you can USE to not just achieve your dreams but enjoy the journey and be joyfully present in them! We believe the Enneagram is the key that opens you up to share and receive help. Learning the enneagram helps you step out of fear and your proclivity to stick to problem solving in just one center (head, heart, or gut) and instead step into all three and take truly purposeful passionate action.  

 This is soul work combined with education on strategy and tools so you can USE your special gifts to build spectacular things.

We can't wait to not only teach growth mindset tools, but also like you, share our highs and lows, forge new relationships that turn into friendships, joint ventures, and everything in between.  YOU shape this space and we curate it based on what YOU need. 

Is this party right for you?

You are a boss but you are a human first! If you just read this and heard a tiny choir in your mind singing "Amen, preach!", the Club Brimworthy is for you!

We know firsthand how lonely being a dreamer can be. You're listening to podcasts, reading books, trying to figure out the right questions to ask, and just generally trying to fill the roles of 10 people to take your vision from dream to reality and trying to still sleep and enjoy your life at the same time. It's exhausting.

This member-led community is here to allow you to connect daily with other like-minded dreamers (of your enneagram type and the rest!) looking to do the self-awareness work necessary to truly GROW into the full versions of themselves and use their light to create lasting beautiful impact on this world. 

Are you burning out but freaking stoked to start burning bright? You're not letting your big dream go to sleep? We gotchu.

Have you wanted to truly talk to someone and know that they GET IT. Like truly get it? Have a sounding board for your ideas with people who see the world like you do and then see how other people view it so you can communicate clearly?  We gotchu.

Do you want to have a happy place to geek out on the Enneagram, business strategy, your faith & personal growth journey with other people who really want to and won't roll their eyes? We gotchu.

Your life and work are all YOUR LIFE. You're ready to show up for yourself and for others as your authentic self and watch your world transform and your heart glow even when you're going through IT. Dream chasers, I know you know what IT is. We gotchu.

Do you believe in a higher power but instead you have been trying to do everything alone and freaking draining your beautiful soul out?

Are you tired of the same stereotype-based enneagram, self-help, and entrepreneur hustle education being pushed on Instagram and want to really go deep and chat with experts to ENJOY this divine calling you have? 

We gotchu.

We are so excited to connect with you in the Club today & help you start unleashing your light with a support system of rad visionaries just like you!

See you in the CLUB. 

Go build and be Brimworthy!  

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